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Deanna Marie Snags Full Time Nights At Mix 92.9 In Nashville

We have to congratulate our very own Deanna! It's been a windy road but Deanna Marie snags full time nights at Mix 92.9 in Nashville. We know what you're thinking and we're happy to announce that no, this isn't the end of Deanna & Justin.

The podcast will continue on under a tweaked title. Deanna and Justin In The Moment, will continue to bring new episodes every Monday. Deanna and Justin plan on staying together in podcast form to continue bringing you the content you know and love.

Justin continues work with 92.5 XTU in Philadelphia.

The change from Deanna and Justin In The Morning to Deanna and Justin In The Moment, came as a stroke of genius. "We wanted to be able to continue producing our own content without making it seem like we were trying to compete with my new team", says Deanna. As soon as I suggested a name change to Justin, he blurted out "in the moment" 30 seconds later. It just works.

Midwest Communications Operations Manager, Barbara Bridges says;

“We took our time with the search and found the perfect person to take nights to the

next level. She’s the right fit for our audience and her warm upbeat delivery and talent for connecting to the target audience will be an ideal complement to our successful brand.” Deanna adds, “I’m so excited to join this legendary brand and create something new and exciting at night! Deanna secures full-time nights at Mix 92.9 in Nashville, a legendary brand, Sundays through Thursdays 7pm-midnight starting mid July.

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