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Deanna And Justin Team Up With The Window Santas

deanna and justin team up with the window santas

Deanna And Justin Team Up With The Window Santas

Now that the holidays are over and everyone is back into their routine, it's easy to forget about those in need. That's why Deanna and Justin have teamed up with the window Santa's to "Spread Cheer Through The New Year."

As a community, we are all much more cognizant of helping others during the holiday season. The sad reality though, is that people in our local area suffer tragedies or need help all year round.

After reading about all the wonderful things the Window Santas have done to "Make Christmas Happen" for over 40 local families, we wanted to have some small part in continuing that in 2024.

The holidays are especially tough for a lot of people. The come-down from the holiday high can be especially taxing when you feel like you've been stretched so thin you weren't sure you were going to get through.

We wanted to team up with the Window Santas because we knew they would be the right people to make this happen.

Luckily, they had some submissions they were not able to fulfill so our goal is to be able to bring some joy to them now that the holiday hustle and bustle is over.

If you have the means, you can donate at

We plan to bring some goodies (toys, food etc) to a couple local families in the middle of January.

You still have time to contribute and make a difference.

See for all the good they have done already in the Wilmington area.

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