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Deanna and Justin In The Morning's Year In Review (2023)

Just like every year, there have been ups and there have been downs. The best way to get ready for the year ahead is to reflect back on those moments that changed you. So join us on a journey down memory lane, it's Deanna and Justin In The Morning's Year In Review (2023)

A full year ago, we were collecting cards from listeners and sending cards back. Remember these adorable shots we took in the Bahamas?

Deanna and Justin In The Morning with Hollywood Kyle
Deanna and Justin In The Morning Christmas Card 2022

We kicked off January 2023 by riding the Zamboni on the ice at Wells Fargo Center during the Flyers Game. Justin was a little nervous.

In February, we hosted our 2nd annual You're Someone's Type Blood Drive with the Blood bank of Delmarva. Rumor has it, we will do it again this year!

Right my birthday, I learned how to ride a horse! We visited Green Acres Farm in South Jersey. It was so much fun!

April was fun. I got poison Ivy for the umpteenth time. Ugh!

In May, Justin hosted the horse races at WInterthur.

We also had another Memorial Day broadcast down in Dewey Beach. That was fun!

Justin met Luke Bryan in June and gave him a gift! That was a highlight he didn't stop talking about for weeks.

And then, we won the Best of Delaware! That was such a cool experience and we were so humbled by all who nominated and voted for us. Thank you so much!

In July, they threw one heck of a party to celebrate all the winners of Best Of Delaware!

In August, we got new photos taken. The reason this is worthy of a mention is because we knew what was coming in October, we just weren't able to announce it because the details weren't final. But our fate as we knew it in Wilmington, had started to come to an end.

In September, we continued to connect with the community and awarded a local teacher $1,000 in the Cash For My Classroom Contest. That felt so good, she was so surprised.

In October we were lucky enough to take a trip and broadcast live from Beaches Resort in Turks & Caicos. It is also where we had our final broadcast, so it was pretty sad.

Later that month, we didn't waste any time getting our podcast off the ground and officially launched it before November!

Now, we're using the Podcast as a vehicle to stay connected with the community as we continue to partner with clients like the Riverfront Wilmington! If you missed us at Holiday Magic with Santa, don't worry. We will have plenty of opportunities for you to come out and see us in person this year. We promise!

That wraps up Deanna and Justin In The Morning's year in review (2023). We hope you enjoyed the walk down memory lane with us!

Do you have any favorite moments that we missed?

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